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A game for IOS and Android that is all about driving, strategies and power-ups. In this game, you control a troop of cars that don't run on brakes and where V8 engines replace violins. You have to get every vehicle to their destination, or in other words, from Point A to Point B. Once you get that car to its destination, you'll start in another vehicle, but the car you've just drove is also present. You'll notice that the cars start to pile-up and soon it becomes traffic chaos. This is why you need plan your routes and waving your arms about will only make things worse. As you drive along in the chaos, there's a little story going on in the background. Within the story, you will discover the mysterious lives of the drivers behind the wheel. What's this "project" that Dentist Charles Schneider is working on? Will Mr.Baker potentially quit his job in advertising? Can Mrs.Griffin resist the powers of Ni-ko Bim-Zawang? How long can Clark Jensen keep up the charade of spirit driven cars? Will Mr.Mayfield yield to his ever peculiar obsession with Yorkshire Terriers? Who is this mysterious man who is impersonating Mr.Lee and where's the real one? Can Ben Womack get away with his frequent adventures of the beyond? These are only a few of the many stories in this game, but remember, you are on a time limit. Yes that's right, there's a timer ticking down and if it runs out, well, you're car presumably runs out of gas and it's "GAME OVER!". Of course, like any game, you can reset all the way at the beginning, or if you have premium, start at any unlocked checkpoint you have. This game involves strategy and above all, good driving skills. If there's one thing to remember is "Plan ahead and don't be late!".

Levels Edit

Drivers (in order of appearance) Edit

  • Dentist Charles Schneider
  • Postwoman Betty
  • Mrs. Mayfield
  • Mrs. Beck
  • Ambulance Driver
  • Ice cream man Hernandez
  • Mr. Baker
  • Ms. Santiago
  • Mr. Turner
  • Garbage man Dwayne
  • The man who calls himself Mr. Lee
  • Mrs. Clemons
  • Julia
  • Mr. Olsen
  • Ms. Fitzpatrick
  • The car without a driver
  • Mr. Mayfield
  • Mr. Beck
  • Dr. Trevino
  • Police officer Johnson
  • Ben Womack
  • Clark Jensen
  • A group of ornithologists
  • Jennifer Womack
  • Mr. Price
  • Irene Spencer
  • The Wilson family
  • Ms. Nelson
  • Mr. Hall
  • Mr. Satelle and his children
  • Robert 'Crazy Bob' Foley
  • Mia Chaney
  • Mr. Grantham
  • Mrs. Griffin
  • Mrs. Harrington
  • Mr. Solis
  • Mrs. Decker
  • Mr. Diaz
  • Mr. Kirby
  • Alfie the clown
  • Hot dog tuck owner Swanson
  • A Cro-Magnon and a fair maiden
  • Lord Ridley
  • Single man Donny
  • Mrs. Warner
  • Mr. Hughes
  • Mr. Spears
  • Mr. Griffin
  • Mrs. Grant
  • Mr. Ortega
  • Mr. Briggs
  • Mrs. Thiesen
  • Mr. Molina
  • Mrs. Smith
  • Mr. Ruiz
  • Mr. Shepard
  • Ms. Donnahue
  • Mr. Sculley
  • Ms. Dalton
  • Intelligent velociraptor Duncan
  • Mr. Ward
  • Mrs. Stewart
  • Mr. Ferssel
  • Dr. Brown
  • Max Fitzpatrick
  • Mrs. More
  • Mr. Lauper
  • Ms. Reid
  • Mr. Ashley
  • Ni-Ko Bim-Zawang

There are 70 total unique drivers

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